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Supply Chain Management

What We Offer

Customer Relations Management
Market Research and Development
Product Development
Bench-marking and analysis of competing companies and products
Advertisement and market evaluation of new products
Handling of South American supply chains and supplier audits

IPI do Brasil provides the most comprehensive and highest quality raw material supply chain management. Under IPI do Brasil's management system, our exports include:


  • Chemical raw material and Engineered products

  • Aerospace and Defense related products


IPI do Brasil continuously exports goods from Brasil to our customers globally, for the most time-critical and quality-critical manufacturing support programs.

Our team of engineers works closely with our customers and suppliers to establish the correct manufacturing quality assurance and test processes, rendering our supply chain management program the best of its kind.


Quality Assurance
  •   Audit raw materials sourcing and quality

  •   Assure raw material manufacturers remain                   unchanged

  •   Communicate the "Know-Change" Policy

  •   Monitor manufacturing process consistency

  •   Quality Audits – formal and unscheduled 

  •   Verify QC Lab processes, test methods, and                 certifications are in accordance with customer's           specifications

Logistics Expertise
  •    Packaging assurance

  •    Labeling in accordance with customer                          requirements

  •    Export License Process

  •    Factory to Port transportation

  •    Ocean shipments worldwide 

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